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We Provide Fast & Safe Service to Our Customer

Our logistics management solutions help in innovative supply chain platform & logistic services. You can benefit from outsourcing your logistics movement to us whether you are a small or medium-sized firm.

Shaurya Integrated Logistics is regarded as one of the most reputable logistics organizations in Delhi, with over twenty-five years of experience in the logistics and warehousing industry. Our mission is to provide practical and innovative logistical solutions for all of your needs.

Shaurya logistics solutions has amassed significant operational capabilities over the years while addressing important difficulties in the Indian logistics business. To address this, we've put in place a structure that allows us to overcome these challenges and achieve your expectations.

Our teams of qualified professionals who help in all your logistic needs , and are on hand to help and address any problems that may arise. We minimize delays and ensure that your logistics needs are met on time. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with a reliable logistics management experience.

We have earned a reputation as one of the best logistics companies with distinction and innovation. Our commitment to meeting your logistical needs is founded on three principles: client focus, operational excellence, and openness.

Our logistics solutions work with some of the largest companies in the industry to manage their end-to-end logistics operations. We have a great team and are all focused on accelerating and improving our customers' experiences by ensuring their operational efficiency and assistance.


We Provide All Kind of Transport Service

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air freight

Vender management

Larger goods that may or may not require a pallet are perfect for air freight services. Other services, such as pickup, collection, delivery, and customs processing are included in some situations for more convenient shipping.

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Last mile deliveries

Shaurya Logistics Solutions :-
Last mile deliveries helps in shipping, freight, warehousing, and container transportation services suitable for all your ocean freight requirements

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Ground Shipping

For domestic shipments, ground shipping is a cost-effective option. Ground shipment takes longer than express or expedited courier it uses road, but it is significantly less expensive and excellent for transporting bulky items delivery

air freight


Best-in-class technological solutions support we help in warehousing operations. Provides administrative services to its warehouse clients, such as identifying a suitable packaging material supplier, purchasing generic packaging supplies, such as third-party transportation carriers, manufacturers' material handling, and other activities.

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We offer a unique and secure storage option for both individuals and organizations. Whether you need to store company inventory or domestic things, our flexible storage plans can accommodate you. and reporting on supplier performance,

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Delivery Van

Shaurya logistics solutions permits you to hire delivery vans on a need-to-know basis. We match truck and van owners with companies that need large products delivered quickly. Our delivery professionals with a delivery van assist you in loading, delivering, and unloading your cargo

Know Shipping Location

Track ID & Order ID will be on your document file.

Why People Choose Shaurya Logistics Solutions?

According to my experience Logistics management plays a key role in the logistics industry in the new age of global economics for successful business.

Fast & Safe Delivery

Depending on your product and pin code, we deliver between 3 to 15 days. Before you pay for your order, you will come to know the estimated date of delivery.

Product Security

You can check exact delivery times at each & every product page before placing the order. In general, for regular pin codes, we deliver our orders within 3-5 business days in India and within 4-7 business days

Price Oriented

Logistics are the heart of your organization’s business process. While the typical supply chain used to be small and simple, our global economy has forced to evolve and build out sprawling networks of supply chains that live independent of geographic boundaries.

Secured Payment

While this is the worst-case scenario, most payment gateways are still not exactly equipped for the type of high-volume processing that drives a large supply chain.

24/7 Support

24/7 Express Logistics, Inc. is an asset-based 3rd-party logistics provider that offers transportation and logistics services to a wide array of industries.

Well Experienced

Logistics management is a element of supply chain management that is used to satisfy client requirements by planning, controlling and implementing efficient movement and storage of associated data, products and services from origin to destination. Management of logistics enables businesses decrease costs and improve customer service.

We Have More Facilities For You

Our personnel are dedicated and well-trained. They receive frequent operating training. Their keen attention to detail and extensive industry knowledge aid in the seamless running of logistics and warehousing operations

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Our Trusted Regular Customers

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Total Delivered

We Offer Full Truckload Service for Dry and Refrigerated Loads Nationally. Genex


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Delhivery brings flexibility with its innovative supply chain platform services


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You consider that companies within the supply chain serve a dual role


Years Experience

Logistics management enhances the firm's ability to serve customers and build a unique advantage


Feedback From Our Clients

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